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This module combines the 'base', 'setf', and 'misc', modules to create a new language module. Use this module to get most of Swindle's functionality which is unrelated to the object system.

This module exports bindings from: 'mzlib/setf', 'mzlib/base', 'mzlib/misc'. It is intended to be used as a language module (as an initial-import for other modules).

(set! place value ...) [syntax]
(pset! place value ...) [syntax]
(set!-values (place ...) expr) [syntax]
  This module renames `setf!', `psetf!', and `setf!-values' from the
  `setf' module as `set!', `pset!' and `set!-values' so the built-in
  `set!' and `set!-values' syntaxes are overridden.
#%module-begin [syntax]
  `turbo' is a language module -- it redefines `#%module-begin' to load
  itself for syntax definitions.